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Gas / Propane Boiler or Furnace Cleaning & Tune Up Service
Natural Gas/LP Furnace or Hot Water Boiler

Tune Up Includes:
  • Gas line Sediment Trap is Cleaned – sediment can accumulate in Gas lines leading to clogged orifice.
  • Inspect and Clean Burner - a dirty Burner can cause a faulty flame leading to loss of heat.
  • The Boiler or Furnace is fired & controls are safety checked – technician ensures controls are operating properly to ensure safety.
  • Boiler sections or furnace heat exchanger is brushed and vacuumed – debris is cleared from passageways allowing equipment to draft properly and operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Flame Sensor is Cleaned
  • Efficiency Test is performed – using a Bacharach Kit the technician performs a combustion efficiency test to electronically measure draft, various temperatures, CO2 and smoke. These measurements equate to a combustion efficiency represented as a percentage of 100.
  • The flue is inspected and cleared of any debris – a clear flue promotes proper draft.
  • Furnace air filter is replaced or cleaned, blower belts checked – disposable filters are replaced while reusable filters are cleaned to maximize unrestricted flow of clean, allergen free air.
  • Pilot Assemblies are cleaned and adjusted 
  • Air gate is cleaned and adjusted – proper air supply is crucial for correct flame.
  • Verify and Adjust Gas/LP Pressure.
  • Inspect Condensate Drain and Clear, of needed.
  • Test Carbon monoxide Levels inside the Home.
  • Clean Exterior of the Boiler or Furnace.

The Sullivan Heating and Cooling Difference:

It’s no secret that there are many different HVAC companies throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley area, but not all have the same level of training and service that our team does. 

When you call our team at Sullivan Heating and Air Conditioning, expect exceptional service and superior quality every time. 

By consistently meeting rigorous national standards for performance, Sullivan Heating & Air Conditioning is distinguished as a NATE Certified in Gas Heating. 

We continue to reach high expectations for ethical business practices year after year.

By maintaining all required local licenses, complete insurance & liability coverage, and fulfillment of warranty specifications, we provide the Monticello, NY area home and business owners a team of support on which they can count.

At Sullivan Heating and Air Conditioning we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

If you live in Sullivan County, NY then you will need a reliable company to meet your repair, maintenance and installation needs. 

We provide reliable heating and cooling aid for your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We Service and Repair Most Makes and Models

Our licensed professionals are on hold waiting eagerly to solve your Furnace, Boiler, heat pump, mini split or central air conditioner malfunctions.

No Surprises:

We will provide you with proper written estimate before the repair work is initiated.

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Sullivan County, NY
Our Service Area:

Sullivan County, NY

Callicoon Center                 
Cochecton Center               
Fremont Center                   

South Fallsburg
Swan Lake
White Lake
White Sulphur Springs
Loch Sheldrake
Long Eddy
Mongaup Valley
Mountain Dale
North Branch
Pond Eddy
Rock Hill
Glen Spey
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Highland Lake
Kauneonga Lake
Kiamesha Lake
Lake Huntington
Livingston Manor

Our 22 Point Gas / LP Tune Up and Inspection Includes:                                                                    $ 135 Special
Blower Motor - Measure Amperage and Voltage Operation. 
Blower Motor - Inspect and Clean Fan Blades. 
Carbon Monoxide - Test Air Flow Duct System for Carbon Monoxide. 
Combustion Analysis - Using a Bacharach Kit the Technician Properly Tune Your Furnace.
Air Filter - Clean or Replace Air Filter (customer provides filter) 
Electrical - Inspect and Tighten Connections. 
Check for proper temperature drop. 
Ignition System - Test for Safe and Proper Operation. 
Burners - Clean & Adjust / Clean Gas Line Sediment.
Flame Sensor - Clean Flame Sensor / CAD Eye. 
Heat Exchanger - Vacuum and Inspect using Camera. 
Exhaust System - Test for Proper Venting. 
Fuel Leaks - Check for Gas Leaks.
Lubricate all moving parts. 
Bearings - Inspect for Wear and Lubricate.
Condensate Drain - Clean Condensate Drain Pipe Using Co2 Cartridge. (High Eff Furnace)
Capacitors - Check starting capacities. (Fall Furnace & Spring Condenser)
Circuit Breaker - Check circuit breakers for defects. (Fall & Spring)
Check air quality. (Fall & Spring)
Inspect air ducts. (Fall & Spring)
Safety Devices - Inspect for Proper Operation. (Fall Furnace & Spring Condenser)
​Wax Indoor Furnace / Boiler. (Fall)
$ 135 Precision Tune-Up,
with Professional Cleaning, and Safety Inspection.
22 Point Gas/Lp Furnace Precision Tune-Up, Professional Cleaning & Safety Inspection.

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